Fatal Car Crash Statistics: Men and Women Behind the Wheel

fatal crashIn the age old dispute of whether men are better drivers than women, one thing is for certain: women aren’t quite as dangerous behind the wheel. According to a report on car crash statistics from the New York City Department of Transportation, 80% of pedestrian accidents involved a male driver behind the wheel. It’s hard to be certain that there is a specific causal relationship between sex and driving ability. It may be that so many more men cause accidents because men statistically drive more miles per year.

In the end, insurance pricing suggests that women have a lower risk of causing an accident. Men’s insurance rates tend to be higher than women’s. Why is this? The numbers support it. But, are there any explanations for these car crash statistics?

Experts claim that men are less risk adverse and more aggressive and therefore have a higher chance of causing a car accident. That implies men drive quicker, swerve all through movement, are more averse to wear a seat belt, and more likely to drink and drive. On the other side, trends show that women tend to be more careful while driving and less likely to take dangerous risks.

Regardless, this battle is not going to end soon. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman because a car accident will hurt you no matter what. Car accident statistics mostly tell us how dangerous driving a car can be. A lot of time, perhaps, fortunately , those inside the car are simply hurt and not killed. Non-fatal car accident injuries can be horrible and last for life.

All too often people injured in car accidents are told by their insurance company that insurance will not be covering the entirety of their expenses. One of the most powerful assets you can have is a good injury attorney.

An experienced injury lawyer can fight the insurance company to get you the maximum total payment for your expensive medical bills. It is really important to verify that your potential accident attorney is to be trusted and not out for their personal benefit.

The best way to determine if someone is a good accident attorney is to see how much free information they give you before ever considering you as a client. The best injury attorneys will provide plenty of free materials to educate you about what you should know before you get into an accident and what you should do after.